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Welcome to slady's homepage

Probably you ask this question: Who is slady?

News archive

11th of June 2017
a new javascript animation concentric shapes, dedicated again to Richard Lamberty as a birth day present

11th of June 2011
javascript animation out-of-phase pendulums, dedicated to Richard Lamberty as a birth day present

28th of March 2010
For more 8-bit love, slady designed Sinclair ZX Spectrum keyboard layout in HTML. Speccy forever!

21st of January 2010
If you are interested in vintage computers, slady made the Sinclair ZX Spectrum keyboard cheat sheet available.

8th of 8th 2009
Testing HTML javascript menu with jQuery.

18th June 2008
Czech keyboard layout for Linux and Windows by slady

23th of May 2006
If you ever wondered how to draw Bezier curve, algorithm and source codes!

26th of January 2006
I am quite busy these days...

2005 ending: PF 2006
Season wishing, slady's PF 2006!

12th of December 2005
We won the dance club competition at Koloseum tonight.

Older news can be found in slady's news archive.

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