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Old news archive

Here are the news from slady home page moved.

4th of November 2005
We are back! From now on I will answer your messages. If you are lucky enough... :-)

28th of October 2005
I left for holiday. I cannot answer any messages.

29th of June 2005
Some difficulties occurred. Subtitles will be available in the upcoming fortnight.

16th of June 2005
I prepare Czech subtitles for the movie Don Juan DeMarco. Available for download just after this weekend! Watch out! :-)

1st of April 2005
Another algorithm added: watch the Bresenham line
Also enjoy April Fools! :o)

7th of February 2005
Horay, new texts in this new year.

22nd of November 2004
Page about B-Trees updated.

2nd of July 2004
slady is back from Denmark.

13th of May 2004
E-mail disruption. My email was out of order today. Sorry, I apologize!

4th of April 2004
Pages about Java programming language got indexed. Finally. (And not all of them, of course.)

31st of Jan 2004
slady moved to Denmark. You can read about it on the personal page.

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