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Welcome to the right page, if this question tickles your mind:

Who is slady?

slady is a computer geek living in the Center of Europe. slady is a young man, whose real name is Petr Sladek.

There is a separate Petr Sladek's blog.

You can contact slady easily.

slady's name

Although my real name is Petr Sladek, friends usually call me slady. I identify myself with this name. As you can see, my whole website can be found under this name.

It is easy to guess where my nickname comes from. It educed from my real surname “Sladek”. The nickname has no meaning at all.

However, many people often misunderstand the meaning of my nickname and pronounce it the wrong way. It should be pronounced to rhyme with the word “slap it” and “slack it” not the word “slay me”! Thank you for understanding. :-)

Another common mistake is the spelling of my nickname. I am case sensitive, this means that you cannot write it as SlAdY, sLaDy, SladY, or any other stupid combination that comes to your mind. When reffering to me, write simply slady or SLADY. This is how it should be. Thank you. :-)



I create computer programs for money or just for fun. You can play with my Java programs. Especially the B-tree applet animation in Java is very popular.

Also my JavaScript games is a very much visited topic.


I write a book about computer programming in the mean time. I am also co-author of few short amateur movies.


I do not write a real blog. However, I created one experiment that should look like a blog, but nobody should read.

Visit web links that I need and others can use.

slady's life

You can read about my intership in Denmark last year. Unfortunately only if you speak the Czech language.

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