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B-tree animation source codes

You are probably interested in getting the Java source codes of my great B-tree applet animation.

First read the following terms and conditions.


Please have in mind that I did not create the applet as a free software. Sending the source codes to anybody who asked is not my duty.

I do not provide the source codes for download to everybody. But if you explain exactly why you need them, you might be lucky and finally get them.

Explaining why

I receive quite a lot of email telling something like:

“I need the source codes.”

“Please help. Send me the source codes.”

“Hi man! I'd seen your applet and I'd like to see the source code!”

But it is not enough for me. To be able to understand your needs and to distinguish the type of help you need, it is necessary to describe your matters more in detail.

You probably have some task assignment to work with B-tree data structures. Tell me more about it. Who ordered you to do it? What will your work be like?

Why do you need my source codes? What do you want to understand? What do you plan to do with it? Just read it? Include it in your project? Just give out to someone else?

What will be the fruits of your work like? What is the intended purpose? Would it be freely available as my B-tree animation is? Would it be working software for your company? Is it just a search for some data storage implementation? Or do you plan to include it in your comercial software?

Send me an email explaining the above questions. Then I will consider giving the source codes.

My conditions

And if you would finally get the source codes, remember that I make some rules:

In short: The software is my property. The permission to read it is only for you. Not for anyone else. Do not send it to anybody. Delete it after your work is done.

How to start

Have you read everything above?

If you agree with all the rules and you still feel you can get the source codes, write me an email.

I must admit that there is no problem for me to give out the source codes. Usually I ask some questions before I send them. And after those questions are answered, I consider the sending again.

Good luck!


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