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B-tree animation

This page introduces an interactive Java applet animation that demonstrates the principle of a B-Tree data structure.

Main functionality is here in showing smoothly the inserting, searching, and deleting process on the btree of chosen order.

Main stage

This demo displays the view screen in different sizes. You can select your preffered size depending on your monitor size and intended purpose (playing, learning, instructing, etc.).

Well, here we go! Choose to run the applet animation in different sizes: small, medium, large, and XXXL.

External resources

Check Wikipedia for deeper understanding of what a B-Tree is.

You must have Java on your computer. If the animation does not run and you want to install a Java VM just follow their instructions...

Donating money

If you like this animation, you may consider donating some money to slady. Your little gift can help slady be more financially independent. Then, slady can work on the B-tree algorithm animation and similar programs by improving its source code and user interface graphics. Thank you for considering your money support! :-)

Other info and FAQ

How to link this page?

Please, make sure that you link directly:
Not any other page address of this b-tree animation.
And, please, leave me a message that you did. It is not a must, but I would be very glad.

How to report?

Did you like this page? Did you find a bug? How to tell me something?
Do not hesitate to contact slady.

Who made this animation?

This animation applet is brought to you by slady.

Can I support slady in some way?

Yes, you can:

Where to get Java source codes?

Please, do not try to download the B-Tree source codes just by wild guessing some URL address. It is impossible to find it. The java applet source codes are not kept on this server. Do it the official way instead.

Read a few simple steps for obtaining the B-tree Java animation source codes. Try contacting slady, and explain why you are interested.

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