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Java char convert

The char coding converter is pretty neat and useful tool for translating (or transforming) files between different character codings. It is useful for i18n (this way is called the term "internationalisation" among many programmers).


Have you ever experienced moving files in some national character coding into another computer system? If not, well, you are the lucky one! :-) Because this is where translating national characters occur.

For instance: Lets have a file written in Japanese and say we want to copy it from Mac to PC system. This will make troubles for sure, becouse there are differences in letter codings between these two platforms. We do not even have to make Japanese or Chinese files to experience such difficulties.

And this small tool (little program) will save you time, while working under an AWT GUI. You can make such copies in seconds!


Are you decided?

In order to run this utility:

  1. Download and install the Java runtime environment (JRE) in the case you do not have it yet.
  2. Download this utility. (Down there, still on this page...)
  3. Run it! :-) For instance from the command line type:
    java -jar convert.jar

In most cases, it will be enough if you just click on the .jar file, once you downladed it.


Are you ready to download? Get the char coding converter in one .jar file.

Use it for manipulating files between different charsets as describet above.

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